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Artistic Judaic Promotions - is an online gallery which showcases Israeli and Judaic artists who create handmade jewelry, fine Judaica, ketubot, Judaic and synagogue art.

El Al - Established in 1948 as the national airline of Israel has grown into a prestigious international carrier. Covering every aspect of service, El Al was ranked by IATA as one of the world's three most efficient air carriers.

Greater Miami Jewish Federation - Touching Jewish Lives. Building Jewish Community. Exists to ensure that we act collectively and responsibly to meet the needs and safeguard the freedoms of all Jewish people. For 66 years, the Federation has worked to build our community.

Globes Online - Israel's best business news website. Each evening, Globes brings its unrivaled coverage of Israeli business. - Israel's premier English-language news site, and as events in the Middle East continue to grab world attention the site provides far more news coverage in terms of speed, accuracy, depth, quality and quantity than any competing Israel-based site. - Founded in order to preserve old American Hebrew books that are out of print and/or circulation. Many American Rabbis wrote seforim (Hebrew books) in the early part of the 20th century. They have long since passed away and in many instances so has their holy work. The mission has expanded to include all Torah Seforim ever printed. At you will be able to view and print the entire Sefer online.

Israel News Agency - Israel's First On-Line News Organization Since 1995 - Sonny & Zeev Golan. She is the one who finds and buys all those beautiful stuff and is also the sales person and artistic consultant. He is the Web Master.

Israel Direct - Provides customers around the world an access to the best of Israel goods, services, gifts, souvenirs and links.



Kosher Foods Wikipedia

Texts of Judaism - from Internet Sacred Text Archive

The American Jewish Press Association - Founded in 1944 as a voluntary not-for-profit professional association for the English-language Jewish Press in North America.

The Jerusalem Post - The leading online source for up-to-the-minute breaking news about Israel and the Middle East.

The Jewish Post - An independent newspaper reporting on news of Jewish Interest in the United States, Israel, and throughout the world. The print edition is limited to the New York metropolitan market however visitors to our website are attracted from throughout North America, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Virtual Shetl - Yiddish Language and Resources. Many valuable resources. Visit.


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